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Swarnathesagigirl.com is just an archive of information and the most well-detailed scoop about Anime, Games, Movies, Beauty, and more.
Swarnathesagigirl.com was founded in 2020 by Swarna and Akash  having the main objective of providing info about the fields mentioned above in which we claim expertise. We at swarnathesagigirl.com do our level best, and keep our readers updated  in all the particular fields, so that our readers stay informed about their topics of interest.
About Us - Swarna
Swarna is a Blogger who is trying to find her creativity through her blog journal. Her world revolves around Anime, Anime Fan Art, and Makeup. When she is not busy splurging her time writing articles, she likes to binge-watch movies and grab a bite of pizza with Akash.
Akash is a Software Engineer with a serious gaming addiction. When he takes a break from gaming, he mostly spends hours and hours updating himself with the latest tech, and the rest of the time, he only thinks about food and more food. And sometimes maybe he thinks about Swarna.
About Us - Akash