Gleipnir: Anime worth watching in 2020

The word is originally found in Norse Mythology. Gleipnir translates to “open one” which is the enchanted rope that is tied around Fenrir. Fenrir is a powerful wolf, whom the Gods were unable to bind even with the strongest metals. Hence The powerful ribbon like binding was made by the dwarves to hold the mighty Fenrir.

Gleipnir worth the watch?

Gleipnir is a Japanese manga series by Sun Takeda. And it got its first anime series aired on April 5, 2020 by Pine Jam.
However Gleipnir is a weird anime, with mix of supernatural, mystery, and Ecchi. So if you are into weird animes, this is it for you. Even the first episode of the anime series made me of cringe.
The Anime starts of very sketchy with a darkness to it. The real story line kicks starts when Shuichi Kagaya decides to save Claire Aoki from a burning warehouse.and this where we get the first glimpse of his uncanny transformation.
He has a heightened sense of smell and on top of that, he has a special ability. Kagaya can transform himself into a monster. Hilariously his monster takes form an uncanny mascot like beast with a gun. Kagaya Shuuichi seems to be an ordinary high schooler with no ambition even though he is very bright he gives up his college recommendation, without any clue what he will he do with his life. But there’s more than meets the eyes, this ordinary high schooler has a deep dark secret to keep.
The Monster version looks even creepier thanks to the weird because the mascot has the same constant emotionless smile, some one forcefully carved it there. After the fire saving incident we definitely see the weird fetish this anime has , which to me is a downer.
Secrets just don’t end there it seems Claire Aoki has secret mission of her own and she will stoop as low as possible to get it done.
Claire is one mean Cookie. Instead of thanking Shuichi for saving her life. She confronts him about his monster capability. And keeps pushing him to spill about how he has gained his powers. Sadly Shuichi has no idea about his transformation or how it is triggered. Her curiosity drives her even to as far as to push him off the roof. Apparently whenever his life is in danger his transformation gets automatically transformed, lending him inhumane strength, agility and heightened senses. she clicks a picture of his transformation to blackmail him.
As it turns out, Claire has a secret of her own: she has been searching for her sister, who also became a monster. She blackmails Shuuichi to help her track her sister, but they aren’t the only ones searching for answers.


Gleipnir is a pretty messed up Anime. The anime doesn’t seem well scripted, its more like a creepy middle student’s hyper imaginative messed up fetish with hostility. But it has a vivid illustration and the art work is pretty high quality. And the fight sequences are well choreographed and have smooth animation. But I don’t recommend it to be a anime to watch for the fighting sequences. Gleipnir still manged to be the talk of 2020 anime list. But if you really wanna know which new anime has been ruling the charts of 2020 anime so far that will be Tower Of God.
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