Lee Isaac Chung to Direct Hollywood Remake of Your Name Live Action

Kimi No Na Wa (2016) the Highest-Grossing Anime Film

Kimi no Na wa, which translates to “your name” is a 2016 Japanese animated film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films.
Kimi no Na wa will make you feel a rollercoaster of emotions and leave in awe. The storyline alone stands out and is crafted intricately. You will connect to this anime movie more, if you feel a sense of displacement from the daily norms. You will be touched by the longingness of being somewhere or being with someone or the missing meaning of your existence.

Even though the film is of a romantic genre, there is a lot more going on. It is  the highest-grossing anime film of all time and worldwide, passing ‘Spirited Away’.

Kimi no Na wa(Your Name) Plot

The story is a teen love story with a very unusual twist. Kimi no Na wa(Your Name) revolves around out-of-body experiences. A small girl town of Itomori near the Hida region, Mitsuha Miyamizu is bored of her small-town life. She dreams of the city life and wants to be an attractive Tokyo boy in her next life.
Mitsuha your Name

Taki is a slightly older boy living in Tokyo. He lives an average life. His life changes forever with an out-of-body experience.

Taki Your Name
Mitsuha starts to switch bodies intermittently with Taki. And when they finally figure it out they have been switching bodies with each other, they communicate with each other with written notes and texts in their cell phones. Sometimes they even write messages on their bodies.
Mitsuha and Taki
Slowly Mitsuha and Taki start to develop a friendly relationship. They both make huge impacts on each others lives as they keep interchanging bodies. Mitsuha helps Taki to develop a relationship with his coworker Miki, while Taki makes Mitsuha become popular in school.
After a while, Taki realizes that the body-switching has stopped. He tries to contact Mitsuha. But sadly, all his attempts fail to connect with Mitsuha.
mitshua 231
Taki doesn’t give up on Mitsuha. To find her, he starts to sketch glimpses of places he visited as Mitsuha. So he can locate her village.
Finally, someone recognizes his sketchings and, Taki finds out a bizarre and horrifying truth about Mitsuha’s village. Taki finally realizes that he and Mitsuha are not only separated by distance.

Determined to find and save Mitsuha, He sets out on a journey with his friends to the town of Itomori. Hoping that he can make a difference.

Taki Sketchs

Kimi no Na wa Main Characters

  • Taki TachibanaA high school student living in the heart of Tokyo, who switches bodies with Mitsuha.
  • Mitsuha Miyamizu: A high school girl in the town of Itomori, who is bored with her life as a small-town girl. She switches her body with Taki.
  • Hitoha MiyamizuThe head of the Miyamizu family and the maternal grandmother of Mitsuha and Yotsuha.
  • Yotsuha Miyamizu: Mitsuha Miyamizu’s younger sister.

I am giving you an obscure description of the anime film. Because if you haven’t watched this yet, you are missing out on a lot. And honestly, I recommend that you watch the movie otaku or not. The closest movie that is similar to this movie is ‘The Lake House‘.

The illustration of the anime is just so picturesque and vivid. All the characters are just so pretty to watch, the movie is a feast for the eyes. And the plot is so beautifully crafted, the way this movie blends romance and sci-fiction, is just amazing.

I don’t have enough words to describe how Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) makes me feel. Spoiler alert if you are  soft-hearted, you might cry a river. The film is that emotional. Mitsuha and Taki are connected by the red ribbon of fate.

taki-and-mitshua-red-ribbon Your Name

Kimi no Na wa(Your Name) Official Trailer

And let’s not forget the iconic songs of this movie, that will get you every time.

Sparkle- Radwimps

Nandemonaiya - Radwimps

If you do watch the film, then let us know in the comments whether you loved it or loved it very much. And those who have already watched it do let us know how much you love this movie in the comments.

And don’t forget to check out our Anime section for more reviews and updates.

Lee Isaac Chung to Direct Hollywood Remake of Your Name Live Action
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