my hero academia season 4 cover

Awaiting My Hero Academia Season 5

My hero Academia has been one of the most trending and favorite anime among otakus, finishing 4 seasons already, leaving us wanting for My Hero Academia Season 5. It’s ( Japanese translation: Boku no Hīrō Akademia) a Japanese superhero manga series penned and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The anime revolves around the adventures of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku and his classmates of U.A. High School.

MHA Action cover
Season 4 picks up where it exactly left off in season 3 with Hero Work Studies program being continued by the first years, While Shoto and Katsuki participate in the Provisional License Remedial Course.
As the first years along with the third years engage themselves with Work Studies with their respective assigned Hero Agencies. Deku and Lemillion accidentally encounters Chisaki’s crime syndicate and the villain’s abusive relationship with a mysterious young girl named Eri. Fearing for the child’s safety, Midoriya and his upperclassman Lemillion works together with other pro heroes to put an end to Chisaki’s reign of terror.
Following these events U.A. High School has it’s annual U.A. School Festival which is planned to be interrupted by an infamous duo. Soon after the School Festival it’s time for the biannually Hero Billboard Chart JP where Endeavor finally takes his official place as the Number 1 Hero, which leads him to work with the newly appointed Number 2 Hero Hawks.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Confirmed!

As soon as season 4 came to an end fans are eagerly waiting for season 5. And yes! yes! My Hero Academia Season 5 has been confirmed with an official teaser video of the show. Though the exact air date of My Hero Academia Season 5 has still not been released but based on past inclinations we can expect My Hero Academia Season 5 to go on air by October 2021. So keep in mind this just a hunch.

What To Expect From Season 5?

Based on the manga storyline, we can expect the upcoming season to be action-packed.
Endeavor finally at the top of Hero Billboard Chart JP, maybe we will eventually get to see more of his character depth. And let’s not forget our new addition kawaii Eri-chan, cant wait to see her character growth and uncover more of her powers. And what about Lemillion with his powers erased what will be his next role to play.
During season 5, the narrative will focus on Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A join up with 1-B to do some more honing and sharpening their abilities. Season 5 might also unveil Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory as well as new moves made by his crew, The League Of Villains. So hang on tight and wait for season 5. You can watch this anime on Netflix
My Hero Academia
my hero academia season 4 cover
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