Tower of God Bam Rachel

Tower of God: 2020’s Should you watch this Anime?

This quarantined life got me browsing through more and more anime. So obviously, I stumbled into “Tower of God” originally a south Korean web Manga. Initially it was hosted on WebToon, now got its own Japanese spin-off animated series in collab with Crunchyroll and Webtoon Productions.
Sin-ui Tap translated in English as Tower Of God is written and illustrated by author S.U.I. I haven’t read the original webtoon series of this anime but I can assure you from the very beginning it’s pretty fast-paced and action-packed. The anime doesn’t take much time to bring out the adrenaline rush in you. So for all the adrenaline junkie otakus get ready to be hyped though the anime is in its initial stage.

Tower of God Plot

The narrative twists and turns around a boy named Bam who has no recollection of his memories and found scrapping underneath a section of “The Tower”. Bam is found by a girl named Rachel, who takes him under her wings. For quite a time Baam stays side by side with Rachel. Bam clings to Rachel like a kid cause his world revolves around Rachel. So when one day Rachel decides to climb up the tower and tells Bam to forget about her, he follows her.
Bam’s journey lands him inside the tower where he learns from The Tower’s caretaker that climbing the tower is no child’s play to find his friend Rachel. And also tells him whoever reaches the top of the tower gets all his wishes and desires fulfilled.
Even at the very beginning of the journey of the climb, Bam is given a very hard task to rise to the next level of the tower. Baam doesn’t care how dangerous the scenario is, he dives headfirst at the challenge neglecting even the fear of death. His determination to find Rachel is stronger than even his own life.
As he reaches to the next level of the test he somehow manages to ally up with Khun and Rak. And thus his quest to find Rachel and leveling up through the tower begins. Luckily he has his special borrowed weapon to help him out through the tests.
Tripping into this webtoon series animated version not only gave me another fascinating anime to look forward to. Also it introduced me to a K-Pop Band called Stray Kids. Their soundtrack “Top” and “Slump” are the featured opening and ending song of the anime. And the songs are awesome. So if you want do check them out too.
Tower of God Bam Rachel
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