Weathering With You

Weathering With You 2019 Review: Love Story Wrapped in a Weather Disaster

Weathering With You is the newest anime movie from Makoto Shinkai, the writer and director, who got worldwide fame and recognition with 2016’s Your Name.
A lot of people compare Weathering With You to Your Name, since the films have many similar elements. That feels wrong, because Weathering With You is trying to portray a much different concept.
We are all fall for Makoto Shinkai’s tragic love stories mixed with fantasy easily. Weathering With You, might be a little to close to home when it comes to fantasy-based films.
Firstly, can we take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking animation of the movie? The visuals are so surreal that you will not be able to keep your eyes off the screen. The animation is very appealing and down to details. But the movie is fast-paced for us to admire every animation to the detail.
And as usual, Weathering With You characters are designed with individuality and charisma. Weathering With You characters, are vivid and eye-pleasing. With starry-eyed kids falling in love, to a realistic anime version of Tokyo, this anime gives you all. And just like Your Name, we get to listen to Radwimps music well-orchestrated with the movie.


The storyline takes place in June 2021 in Tokyo, with constant rainfall. A first-year high schooler Hodaka Morishima leaves Kōzu-shima to get to Tokyo, hoping to make it on his own there. When his ferry reaches the city, it gets hit by a rainstorm, and Keisuke Suga saves him from falling off the ferry. Keisuke gives Hodaka his business card and leaves him.
Hodaka struggles to find a job, and he is barely holding his life together. And as for Toyko, rain never to cease. It is engulfed in the darkness and heavy rains as apocalyptic clouds cast upon it. Amidst this chaotic climatic conditions and Hodaka’s life crisis, Hodaka meets Hina Amano, an employee of a McDonald’s restaurant who takes sympathy on him and gives him food.
Eventually, Keisuke Suga hires Hodaka as his assistant. Keisuke runs a small mystical magazine publishing company, where they study urban legends related to the unusually rainy weather in Tokyo. Soon they hear from a psychic about the legend of a ‘sunshine girl’, who can control the weather.
Keisuke Suga
Meanwhile, Hodaka and Hina become close friends. Soon Hodaka finds out Hina is the Sunshine Girl, and she indeed can control the weather. Hodaka and Hina plan to sell Hina’s baffling new gifts as a so-called sunshine girl, a figure who can summon the sun with prayer.
Sunshine Girl Hina
They create a website, where she and Hodaka start selling her supernatural abilities at a price, sharing precious rays of sunlight with the city’s grateful, rain sick citizens.
Hina and Hodaka
Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for Hina’s power, one that neither Hodaka or Hina are aware of at first.
Sunshine Girl
Meanwhile, Tokyo’s weather gets worse. Hodaka, and Hina along with Hina’s little brother, take shelter in a love hotel and spend the night there without a care, hoping they will be fine.
At the hotel, Hina reveals that her body is slowly turning into water. She tells that she is the cause of the unnatural weather, and is destined to be a human sacrifice. Her sacrifice will return the climate to normal. Hodaka promises to protect her, but the next morning, Hina has vanished into the sky, and the rain stops.
Hina in the world above the clouds
But Hodaka has already fallen deeply in love with Hina. And he decides to get Hina back to earth anyhow. Thus, choosing between Hina and a climatic disaster that looms over Tokyo. Hodaka would choose Hina over the world. Even if it means Tokyo gets submerged or any other climatic disaster occurs. It may seem a selfish choice, but they are young and in love.
Hina and Hodaka falling
Thus endless rains pours over Tokyo like Hodaka’s never-ending love for Hina submerging Tokyo.
Tokyo submerged

Weathering With You Characters (Main)

  • Hodaka Morishima: A boy in his freshman year from Kōzu-shima who ran away from home and moved to Tokyo. 
  • Hina Amano: Our Sunshine girl.
  • Nagisa Amano: Hina’s younger brother, who is living with her.
  • Keisuke Suga: A middle-aged man, who runs a small publishing company where Hodaka ends up working part-time.
  • Natsumi Suga: Keisuke Suga’s niece, who also works in his publishing company.
Weathering with you has a lot of mystical elements in it like weather maiden and how Hina gets her powers after crossing a shrine. And let’s not forget about the unknown world above the clouds Hina slips into when she sacrifices herself as aweather maidan.
Hina entering shrine
Even though I hate to pit Weathering with you against Your Name, but I guess Your Name will be my all-time favorite. Also, I don’t mind Hodaka drowning Tokyo because he wanted to protect someone he loves.

Official Trailer

Weathering With You Featured Songs

Grand Escape (feat. Toko Miura) · RADWIMPS · Toko Miura

Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? · RADWIMPS

Do let us know in the comments which one is your favorite, Weathering With You or Your Name? And also, let us know how much you love Weathering With You. This movie will make you question “is there still anything love can do?”.
Weathering With You
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