L.A.Colors Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette Voltage

The Perfect Fall Eye Palette 2020: L.A.COLORS Neon Shock Voltage

With Autumn approaching and green leaves turning from green to various shades of yellow, orange, brown, and red, some makeup lovers, for example, me turn to a warmer color palette when it comes to makeup. This year my favorite Autumn eyeshadow palette is L.A.COLORS Neon Shock in the variant Voltage.
L.A.COLORS is a US-based cosmetic company. L.A.Colors is a “budget-friendly” cruelty-free makeup brand owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc. It was established in 1985 in California and currently distributes worldwide.
The L.A.COLORS Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette collection features three electrifying palettes viz. Voltage, Panic, and Jolt – each filled with outrageously smooth mattes and shockingly shimmery finishes.

L.A.COLORS Neon Shock Voltage Eyeshadow Palette

Out of all the Neon Shock eyeshadow palettes, the Neon Shock Voltage palette is the most versatile. And the different warm shades like yellows and oranges makes it feel more like Autumn.

Neon Shock Voltage Packaging

Even though it comes in plastic packaging, it feels very premium. The palette comes with a mirror. And the packaging isn’t flimsy, it is sturdy enough to be travel-friendly. Apart from that, the packaging is super cute and is vivid and bright.
L.A.Colors Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette Voltage
L.A.Colors Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette Voltage
Like I said Neon Shock Voltage is a warm eye-shadow palette making it a perfect Autumn palette.

Neon Shock Voltage Swatches and Pigmentation

The Neon Shock Voltage palette has 20 shades of yellow, browns, and orange matte shades paired up with shimmery shades. The pigmentation of the matte shades are medium to buildable. The shimmers, on the other hand, are highly pigmented and blinding.
The shades do have a fair amount of fallout. All the shades are soft and blendable.

Neon Shock Voltage Lasting Power

The eyeshadow lasted 5 hours on me, even with a primer. I have oily eyelids. So I would say it’s average when it comes to the lasting power of the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow started to smudge a little after five hours.

Neon Shock Voltage Price

You get 22gm of product at INR 1450. I would say the palette is quite budget friendly considering the quality of product we get.
L.A.Colors Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette Voltage

Neon Shock Voltage eyelooks

Do let us know in the comments if this review was helpful. If you have tried the Neon Shock Eye-shadow Palettes. Share your experience in the comments. Also, check out our other Reviews.
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L.A.Colors Neon Shock Eyeshadow Palette Voltage
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