Review: Lakme Color Crush Nail Art

Review: Lakme Color Crush Nail Art

Lakme is a staple product when it comes to cosmetics, catering to Indian women for 50 years. Lakme was the country’s first Cosmetic to introduce make-up to Indian women. If you are a 90’s kid, chances are your first make-up was trying to wing it with the Lakme’s Insta Black eyeliner. Lakme has come a long way and, now it offers Indian beauties with a wide range of high performance and world-class cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons.  When it comes to nail polishes, Lakme has always nailed it. And now with the Lakme Color Crush Nail Art expressing creativity with your nails as never been this easy. Today I will review one of my recent favorite nail products from Lakme, i.e Lakme Color Crush Nail Art.
Lakme Color Crush Nail Art gives you the right amount dazzle to your nails without looking too much overblown crazy. And even if you are a noob like me you will still come out with fancy looking nails. so let’s dive right into the review.

Lakme Color Crush Nail Art Finshes

Lakme Color Crush Nail Art comes in 5 different finishes. So we get plenty of room to mix things up when it comes to nail art. Lakme Color Crush Nail Art has:
  • Pearlescent Unicorn
  • Metal Finish Chrome
  • Glitter-mixed effect with Glitterati
  • Shimmer with dazzling microparticals
  • Shimmery-matte with stargaze

My all-time favorites are the Unicorn based shades and the Glitterati shades. So I got shades U4 , G12, G8, S4, G9, M1, and S6.

U4 is a Unicorn shade and it takes two coats at least to get its accurate color. The consistency of the Unicorn shade wasn’t very thick. It was light but still managed to be very opaque, and even on its own, it looks good. But I don’t like wearing it on its own. I always end up pairing it up with G12.

G12 is a Glitterati shade with a very thick consistency and takes forever to dry. And if you apply too much of it, chances are it would just peel off. So when it comes to Glitterati shades, less is more. Another favorite from the Glitterati is G9. G9 is just so damn cute it has tiny hearts in with mixed small red and white particles.

M1 is Mettalic Chrome, and it’s opaque on the first application and applies smoothly. M1 is a bright red nail polish. It is wearable on its own and looks damn fine. Since it’s red I like to mix and match it with S6 or G8. As you G8 is more chunkier and gives you that 3D sparkle.
S6 is shimmery golden in color. I like to top it off with any bright base coat to give a dazzle. Same with S4 which is also one of my favorites. S6 is a purple shimmery colored nail polish. Even if it is best used as a top-coat. I still like to go solo with it because it gives that mermaid-like subtle shimmer to your nails. These shimmery nail polishes are not as thick as Glitterati ones. But it would take at least 3 coats to reach its true color. So it ultimately becomes thick and it is time-consuming to dry them.

Pros of Lakme Color Crush Nail Art

  1. Lot of options to mix and match.
  2. All the nail polishes except the Glitterati have smooth application. Glitterati shades have chunky particles to give it that extra dazzle. So it is understandable that you have to put a little bit of extra effort.
  3. The packaging is sturdy with a smooth applicator brush.
  4. Nicely coded at the top of the cap. Hence you know which bottle is from which series. M stands for the Metallic finish, G stands for Glitterati, and so on
  5. Easily available both offline and online.

Cons of Lakme Color Crush Nail Art

  1. 6ml of product costs 155 Rupees, which according to me is pretty costly.
  2. Some of the Glitterati shades like G12 tends to dry up in the bottle fast


I would recommend the Lakme Color Crush Nail Art cause its a total show stopper, when it comes to glamourous nails. Let me know your thoughts about the product. And give me more crazy ideas of mixing it up with these nail polishes. You can check out all the Lakme Color Crush Nail Art from the link mentioned below.
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Review: Lakme Color Crush Nail Art
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