Nykaa Strobe & Glow Review

Nykaa Strobe and Glow Liquid Highlighter Review 2021

The easiest way to give an instant boost to dull, flat skin is to apply a moisturizing strobe cream. Nykaa Strobe and glow liquid highlighter claims to be a versatile strobe and liquid highlighter to give a 3D glow.

Nykaa Strobe and Glow Review

Nykaa Strobe & Glow comes in 3 Indian skin tone-friendly shades- Gold Mine, Blushed Moonlight, and Glazed Bronze.
  • Gold Mine is great for medium skin tones
  • Blushed Moonlight is a good fit for lighter skin tones
  • Glazed Bronze is great for deeper skin tones
Nykaa Strobe and Glow shades
And best of all, it is vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and SLS-free.


Nykaa strobe and glow come in glass bottle packaging with a dropper. The glass bottle is cute but pretty sturdy and looks sleek. Though the consistency of the product defeats the purpose of the dropper. Long story short, the dropper doesn’t pick up any product. So we do not get a controlled usage of the product. We only get the product that is stuck on the wand of the dropper. So it can get pretty messy while using the product.
Blushed Moonlight packaging


Nykaa strobe and glow has a pretty thick consistency. This is why it renders the dropper useless. The product is easy to blend, and it’s not sticky after it is blended out completely. The product is lightweight on the skin and doesn’t affect the blend-ability of the foundation if you are wearing it underneath the foundation.
Blushed Moonlight Dropper


Nykaa strobe and glow does a great job and gives you that blinding iridescent sheen, whether you are using it underneath your foundation or just using it as a highlighter on the high points of your face.
It gives you that perfect dewy glow when you wear it underneath the foundation or mix it with the foundation. If you are looking for that lit-from-within natural glow, then you can go for this product. It doesn’t have any glitter particles. It is just very pearlescent. Nykaa Strobe and Glow looks good in both indoor lighting and natural light.


The Nykaa liquid highlighter costs INR 699 for 20ml.

Nykaa Strobe and Glow Blushed Moon swatch

I got my hands on Blushed Moonlight only. And it is a beautiful rose gold shade. It is such a pretty shade that I want to get the other shades. and here is the swatch
nykaa strobe and glow

My overall experience with Nykaa strobe and Glow

I found that the best way to use the Nykaa liquid highlighter is to mix it with foundation and then apply it. But if you want to achieve the ultimate dewy wet look, then you should apply it to your bare face and go over it with a medium coverage foundation. Both these methods worked well for me.
Nykaa Strobe and Glow also performed well as a regular highlighter when I applied it just on the high point of my face. Since the Blushed Moonlight is such a pretty color, I tried putting it on my eyelids to give a little pop of color. And it did not go well. It creased the foundation on my eyelids and made a mess on my eyelid.
The thing I love about this liquid highlighter is that it has no shimmer or glitter particles. Even though it has a thick consistency, it’s not chunky, and it blends out well.
Even though it gives me that lit-from-within illuminance, I wouldn’t repurchase it just because of the packaging. Like I said before in my review, the dropper doesn’t work. And it not only makes it difficult to use the product, but it makes such a mess.
There is a lot of wastage of product, and that doesn’t make it worth the money. This product would have turned out better if it came in tube packaging.
Do let me know in the comments what is your favorite shade of Nykaa Strobe and Glow. And if you found our content helpful, be sure to check out our other reviews.
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Nykaa Strobe & Glow Review
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