5 k-drama worth watching

5 K-dramas worth a watch

If you are anything like me, you might stay away from drama as far as you can, but when it comes to K-drama, you want to binge on it.

Why we love K-dramas?

There are so many reasons why we obsess over K-dramas. Firstly it makes you feel a roller coaster of emotions. K-dramas have unique storylines and keep you guessing, and even if it is predictable, it is oddly satisfying.
Secondly, there are so many options, K-Dramas, ranging from melodramas, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, action, and rom-com to suspense.
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Thirdly, the aesthetics. Have you ever noticed how K-dramas are always shot in visually pleasing scenes? Even the minor things in the backdrop are placed thoughtfully to express either Korean culture or luxury.
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Last but not least are the cast members. How can you resist the gorgeous actors and actresses in K-drama?
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Whether you are just dipping your toes to feel the water, or already in deep waters, here are 5 K-dramas that are worth a watch.
Whether you are just dipping your toes to feel the water, or already in deep waters, here are 5 K-dramas that are worth a watch.

5. The Devil Judge

This K-drama will make you ponder about perspective. You can be a hero or villain when you dish out a judgment, it is just a matter of standpoint. And that is what the main character Ji Sung aka “The Devil Judge” does in his courtroom, which is also a television studio.
This k-drama is set in a hypothetical future in Seoul. Ji Sung is a judge who punishes corrupt and greedy men of the nation.
On the other hand, Kim Min-Jung is another prominent figure in society. She has close ties with influential people from various social circles.
Kim Min-Jung is portrayed as the rival of Ji Sung. Kim Min-Jung is a strong and ambitious woman, and she aims to uncover her rival’s darkest secrets.
And in this chaotic world of righteousness, enter two childhood friends a rookie orphan judge called Jin Young and a police officer named Park Gyu Young on a search to find true justice.

4. Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five Twenty One is one of the hit K-dramas of 2022. The timeline is set in the 1990s when South Korea goes through a financial crisis. An aspiring athlete, Na Hee-Do gets her dreams crushed when her high school fencing team gets disbanded.
The nationwide crisis also leads Baek Yi Jin’s father’s business to go bankrupt. Baek Yi Jin’s life changes overnight from a wealthy businessman’s son to a poor one. But he does not give up, and in an attempt to turn his life around, he takes up part-time jobs while he continues to study.
Twenty Five Twenty One is full of life lessons and, it portrays the restlessness of falling in love for the first time.
The drama also showcases how sometimes we easily take our youthful days for granted.
This series showcases hardships, friendships, heartbreaks, and how some impressions last a lifetime.

3. Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers is another tear-jerking drama. Moon Lovers is a historical drama with elements of romance.
The story begins when a 25-year-old 21st-century woman Go Ha-jin magically transports to the Goryeo Dynasty period.
Go Ha-jin wakes up to find herself in the body of Hae Soo in the Goryeo Dynasty. She learns that she is among the ruling Wang household during the reign of King Taejo.
Go Ha-jin soon falls prey to the rivalry among the princes for the throne and palace politics. Initially, she falls for 8th Prince Wang Wook but later grows feelings for the 4th Prince.
This whole series is very heart-touching and will make you tear up. It also depicts how internal power struggles can crumble a kingdom down. Moon Lovers scarlet heart ryeo is one of my favorite k-dramas, and I wish it had a sequel.

2. Kingdom

This is another historical drama. The drama takes us to Korea’s Joseon Dynasty where the king has fallen victim to smallpox. Everyone is prohibited to see or go near the king by the queen’s order. Even his son, the crown prince Lee Chang is denied to see the king.
In this situation, a political conspiracy brews up, and rumors of the king’s death circulates in the nation.
The crown prince and his loyal subordinate decide to investigate the situation. Prince Lee manages to sneak into the royal palace to see the king and to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.
In the palace the prince finds a sinister presence lurking there. He comes face to face with a monstrous silhouette in the palace. But he soon gets dragged out of the palace for not following the queen’s order. But he manages to steal his father’s medical recordings which leaves him even more confused.
He soon sets out to find the doctor who treated his father. And he stumbles onto an unnatural plague, where the undead sleep in the daytime and come alive in the darkness of night and crave human flesh.

1. squid Game

I binged on this series non-stop. After four weeks of broadcast, it surpassed Bridgerton for the title of most watched Netflix series, becoming the most-viewed program in 94 countries.
This drama is all about survival. 456 people, who are stuck in a financial crisis participate in a competition to win nearly forty billion dollars by playing games designed for children.
Even though the ordeal seemed easy, the players find out soon that losing a game means the death penalty.
The series is one hell of a thriller and will keep you on your toes. The drama goes beyond just the games. Squid Game portrays different families with financial crises and how they cope with them. It also shows the power of teamwork, as well as the crude human nature to survive. Even if it means betraying people.
I am not gonna say much about this series. Because the series will speak for itself. JUST GO WATCH THIS.
This is just the top 5 K-dramas from my watchlist. I am sure your watchlist maybe different from mine. So don’t for get to comment what are your top 5 and what are the gems that I have missed out on.
And if you found our content helpful, be sure to check out our other reviews.
5 k-drama worth watching
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