Raised by Wolves 2020 worth watching?

Raised by Wolves 2020 worth watching?

When I hear Raised by Wolves, the first thing that comes to my mind is the ancient mythology story of Remus and Romulus, raised by a she-wolf in a cave. The twin brothers suckled on the she-wolf, and she cared and protected the twins as her own.
The American science fiction-drama tv-series Raised by Wolves revolves around a similar concept but way ahead of our times. Even though it’s modern science-fiction, it has a lot of historic mythical references.
Raised by Wolves is created by Aaron Guzikowski that aired on HBO Max on September 3, 2020. The series has ten episodes and received positive feedback from viewers.

Raised by Wolves Plot

The story starts with a pod carrying two humanoids almost crash landing on the planet Kepler-22b. From the beginning of the series, we are introduced to the humanoid as “Mother” and “Father”, making it obvious, that they might be programmed as care-givers to raise children.
The narrative is set in the 22nd century the two androids, Mother and Father, escape an Earth plagued by war between militant atheists and a religious order known as the Mithraic.
Mother and Father landed the planet Kepler-22b carrying with them human embryos to begin a new civilization. The plot revolves around how the humanoids might be the last ray of hope to restore human civilization.
Father and Mother raising Children
But there’s more to Mother than meets the eye. And as the androids cross their paths with the last surviving Mithraic people. We see a lot of unexpected twists and turns.
Mother as Necromancer
Mithraic people
And eventually, we see what Mother was in the past. And glimpses how her past was until she was set on a mission to colonize Kepler-22b. Throughout the series, Mother will keep you on toes.
glimpses of Mother's past
Compared to Mother, everyone would feel less intriguing, but the bond between Campion, the last surviving child of the frozen embryos, and the androids is very heart-touching.
Overall this series revolves around a fierce human mother and an android mother protecting the children at all costs, even if it’s not their own. And the differences between Atheism and religious beliefs.
Mother and Sue

Raised by Wolves Characters (Main)

  • Mother: The female caregiver android programmed to raise the human children on the virgin planet, Kepler-22b, to establish an atheist civilization. Amanda Collin played the role of actress for the character Mother.
  • Father: The male counterpart service android of Mother that is also programmed to raise the children. Abubakar Salim played the role of actor for the character of Father.
  • Campion: He is the youngest and sixth child born from the human embryos that were brought to the planet Kepler-22b by Mother and Father. Campion is the sole survivor of the first-gen children. The child actor Winta McGrath starred as Campion.
  • Sue:  She is an atheist soldier/medic and Caleb’s partner. Niamh Algar played the role of Sue.
  • Caleb: He is an atheist soldier and Mary’s partner. Travis Fimmel starred as Marcus.
  • Paul: He is the biological son of Marcus and Sue, raised by Caleb and Mary as their child. Felix Jamieson starred as Paul.

My experience with the series

The series builds up pretty slow so, it can get boring at times. I am more fascinated with the environment and the creatures living on the planet Kepler-22b. we get to see a lot of snake skeletons, and later we see some deformed creatures hunting at night.
Snake skeleton raised by the wolves
The Mithraic people who are religious and believe in prophecies have been portrayed as pretty lunatic according to me. All the religious people depicted in the series seem to be hallucinating and hearing voices. And not to mention in general very violent.
Mithraic military
Mother is the enigma of the series, and I want to know more about her. And oddly towards, the end of the series, even the humanoids seem to have feelings. It would make ask can the humanoids feel, or is this too far fetched.
And if all fails, Father has his jokes to tell, which for an android to tell jokes in his mechanical voice is hilarious is hilarious itself. It’s like asking my google assistant or Alexa to tell me jokes.
Father from raised by wolves
All I can say that this series is okay, and it has a lot of elements bunched together like religion, atheists, extinct snakes, android telling jokes, Mother and her hot transformation, more snakes, unexplored planet. this series could have been much more, but the series eventually picks up a lot of speed after the fifth episode. So if you can make it till episode five you are all good.
But the ending will leave you longing for a second season. You just got to know what happened in the tropical zone to the snake baby. So give Raised by Wolves a chance. You might even want Raised by Wolves season 2.
Mother's snake baby
Do let me know in the comments if you have seen the series, and did you like it? Which character do you hate the most?
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Raised by Wolves 2020 worth watching?
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