5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft

5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft also known as WOW among the Role Playing Gaming world. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. And with the launch of this game it changed lives of many people who were not even connected to Gaming. And with the plethora of Games out there this one stand still. Game revolves around two faction Horde and Alliance who are fighting against a Titan named Sargeras corrupted by Void Lords on the World of Azeroth.
Map of Azeroth
Source: DeviantArt
And with that storyline lets get to 5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft.
5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft!

5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft!

Immmersive Storyline

Being Launched in 2004 this game has evolved over last seven expansions and eighth expansion due to release on Oct 2020. World of Warcrft features and true in depth storyline setting that spans over million of years. and much to come over the years. The lore of mighty Titans, Void Lords, Magical Dragons, Old Gods will make sure that you keep thinking about them in your dreams as well.
World of Warcraft Cosmology
Personally I felt there is no other lore that is as immersive as World of Warcraft. Let it be Magical School of Hogwarts, Middle Earth Fantasy novel, Star Wars Saga or any other genre Storyline. None can beat the storyline of WOW that way it is being told.
You don’t even have to buy and play the game itself to know the story. There are lots of novels, Youtube Channels and Wiki dedicated for this game. Not only that there is a movie as well and sequel to which is coming soon. But if you do then you will be able to feel and understand better than anything, what it really fells like to be a part of Lore.
World of Warcraft Cosmology Colored

Endless Gameplay

Yes the gameplay of World of Warcraft is really amazing and endless. Its like Grand Theft Auto but even more freedom and bigger world to explore and play in. You will never get bored of the endless quests that unfolds lore of the ancients and more. You get to choose a faction between Horde and Alliance.
medium ashd wall poster warcraft warcraft alliance horde poster original imaet2nvfshzzcyq
Once you have decided you get options to choose your Race and Class. There are 7 Races to choose from on both Alliance and Horde side. Once you choose your race as your liking you can choose the Class you want to play. It will vary person to person based on the gameplay they want. Overall there are lots of possibilites you can while creating your character by choose Faction, Race and Class.
Horde Races
Alliance Races
Below are the 12 Classes you will get to choose from:
Once you have created the you character you are free to start your own adventure and explore the World of Azeroth.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing

It is a massive multiplayer game where you get to choose your role that you like and play with other players. World of Warcraft can be played solo as well as multiplayer. But the real gameplay starts when you form 5 people group or even 10-25 people raid group where you work together to defeat the Game Bosses in a breath taking gameplay. Trust me you wont understand if you don’t give it a try. Max your level get some good gear and group up with other players for the real end game taste.
Ingame Event
This where Skyrim sucks in my opinion and World of Warcraft wins all hands down even though they are somewhat different genres.

In Game Items that costs upto $9,500 in real world

Ya you heard me right. The Game features lots of in game Gears also translated to character armors and weapon, mounts and pets that ends up fetching quite good amount of money if sold for real world currency. Though players don’t usually sell, they rather keep it as in game collectibles.
But sometime and many times as well the in game currency is sold for real world money. There has been a episode dedicated to Sheldon losing his mount from World of Warcraft in The Big Bang Theory. There are multiple references in various sitcoms like South Park and many others.


Ya you can invite your friends to play with you and make new friend while playing. There are lots of server hosted in various regions of the world. During your adventure you will make new friends with no language and region barrier. There is cross realm feature as well so that you never play on empty server.
Especially during the COVID outbreak you can play with your friends without leaving your home and this game wont even need a high end system which is another best part. There has been articles of people meeting in game and getting married. 😀
And if you are still not impressed then check out the official Website and the Game Trailer for all the old and new expansion. I can guarantee if you are even little bit into fantasy and lore based content you will definitely find it interesting enough to dig more. Below I am leaving some of the good looking wallpapers and art works with the latest expansion trailer.
5 Reasons why you should play World of Warcraft
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