pokemon-go-pokecoin-update pokecoin system

Pokémon Go: 70 PokéCoins in a Day?

Yes, you hear that right. Earning 70 PokéCoins every day, Can you believe it? Reddit users from Australia have posted images confirming, currently they are earning 70 PokéCoins every day in Pokémon Go. 50 PokéCoins from defending Gyms and rest 20 from various daily tasks. Though Niantic hasn’t confirmed anything on this. They are still running tests in Australia for the new PokéCoins feature update in Pokémon Go.
As per the last official Niantic update the max PokéCoins Trainers can earn in a day is still stands at 50. So this can be a bug on which testing is in progress.
This will be great opportunity for Trainers in Australia for earning extra coins in this testing phase.
Are you excited about this? Should Niantic implement this feature in Pokémon Go? Let us know what do you think of 70 PokéCoins in comments below.
pokemon-go-pokecoin-update pokecoin system
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