Limited Tests daily-encounter-daily-box

Limited Tests Incoming: Daily Guaranteed Pokémon Encounters and Daily Free Boxes

As a part of improving individual gameplay for Trainers, two new features will be introduced. Daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters and Daily Free Boxes – Testing for which has been rollout. As per the official update, these features will be out over the coming months to more Trainers.

Daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters

Professor Willow Special Research
Only a few handful Trainers will get get a special visit from Professor Willow. If you are lucky you will encounter Professor Willow and he will hand out a special incense. This incense wont appear in your bag or take bag space. It will get active after Professor Willow gives it to you, attracting a Pokémon once a day that’ll appear only for you.

Daily Free Boxes in the shop

A small number of Trainers will be able to receive a free box of items daily in the shop. The Shop button will display a notification when a Daily Free Box is available. Box will contain different items each time.
Along with the above changes, you will be able to see the existing box contents have updated. Poffin has been removed from the Boxes. Lucky Egg has returned. I hated poffin taking up space of Lucky Eggs in the Ulta Box. And a lot of Trainers who are yet to reach Level 40 will agree on this. The Ultra Box is the best value item in the Shop. But Poffin can still be brought from the Shop for 100 PokéCoins. I think these box changes have made to incorporate with the Daily free boxed that will contain mostly berries and PokéBalls.
Also you will notice the new Stickers section in the Shop featuring 3 new stickers. You can get 10 Stickers for 35 PokéCoins and 30 for 80 PokéCoins.
Let us know what do you think of these new features? And are you happy with Box updates? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.
Limited Tests daily-encounter-daily-box
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