send stickers; invite friends to raid

Now you can invite friends to raid!!

UPDATE :16/07/2020
The Pokemon Go invite friends to raid is now live. so don’t wait invite friends from to participate in raids. No more missing out on your raids if your alone.
Finally, Niantic has rolled out a feature that Trainers needed the most. Soon Trainers will be able to invite friends to raid irrespective of friends location. But this will require Trainer to be physically present at the location. However, no remote pass will be allowed to use for inviting.

How will invite friends to raid work?

When this feature is available, Trainer’s will see a + button in both public and private raid lobbies that you’ve joined in person. After tapping the + button, Trainer will be able to invite up to five friends to join. Friends will be able to see raid invitations on their Nearby screen or in push notifications. These invitations will allow them to enter the raid lobby. Friends will use a pass only once the battle starts, not when they join the lobby.
It seems this feature will be rolled out once the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram raid has left the raids. But as per Niantic, Legendary Pokémon Reshiram will return again in raids soon in the future.

Send Sticker along with Gifts

Trainers will be able to personalize the Gifts sent to friends with in-game stickers! Right before sending a Gift to a friend, Trainers need to tap ADD STICKER and pick a sticker to attach. At launch, there will be five stickers available. Trainers can use a sticker only once but will be able to stock more stickers from the Gifts they receive. In the future, there will be an option to purchase some designs from the shop.
send stickers; invite friends to raid
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