Mega Houndoom Raid 2020

Mega Houndoom Raid 2020

Niantic recently declared that Mega Houndoom is going to be available in mega raids from September 29th, 1 pm PDT.
No matter what your take is on Houndoom, Mega Evolution Houndoom is a formidable Pokemon and is one of the most strong dark type Pokemon attackers in the game. And with the Pokemon Halloween Events featuring raid bosses such as Original Giratina and Mega Gengar will make Mega Houndoom formidable against them.

Houndoom Mega Evolution Stats

Mega Houndoom stats are arguable. However, it can be assumed that Mega Houndoom will have a Max CP of 3842 with base stats of an attack of 289, a defense of 194, and 181 HP. The base form of Houndoom caught from the mega evolution raids CP might be in the range of 1432-1505CP (non-weather boosted) and 1790-1882CP( sunny or fog weather boosted).

Mega Houndoom Movesets

Fast Moves
  • Snarl (Dark Moveset)
  • Fire Fang (Fire Moveset)
Charged Moves
  • Foul Play(Dark Moveset)
  • Flamethrower (Fire Moveset)
  • Crunch (Dark Moveset)
  • Fire Blast (Fire Moveset)
Evolving Houndoom to its Mega Evolution Form will cost 200 energy initially and 40 energy for following Mega Evolutions.
Houndoom in its Mega Evolution form will be useful against grass, fire, steel, ghost, dark, ice, and psychic.
Mega Evolution Houndoom raids might be achievable with a minimum of 2-3 trainers battling in raids. The best Pokemons to go battling against Mega Evolution Houndoom will be rock-type pokemon, water-type pokemon, and fighting-type pokemon.

I am super-hyped about Mega Evolved Houdoom. What about you?

Mega Houndoom Raid 2020
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