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Niantic Wayfarer Updates Level Requirements

Good News for Trainers who already use or who wants to use the Niantic Wayfarer system. In the recent updates, Niantic has officially announced updated level requirements. Earlier to use the system Pokémon Go players had to reach Level 40 cap. However, with the new update, the level requirements have been reduced to Level 38 in Pokémon GO and level 10 for Ingress Agents. This is going to provide players with the opportunity to improve gameplay.
Wayfarer Review Sample Snapshot
Those who don’t now, Wayfarer system is how Pokéstops, Portals for Ingress, and POIs in Wizards Unite are created after collective reviews from the game community.
Pokestops Portals POI
Pokestops Portals POI
The ability to review Wayspots in Wayfarer is limited to those who meet strict eligibility requirements. This includes a level requirement in Pokémon Go or Ingress, and passing a tutorial quiz. This Quiz has limited two attempts. Failing the first attempt will make players wait for 1 month for retake. If you are interested in how to pass the Quiz, I have written in depth article, to help players out.
Since the global launch in November 2019, the Wayfarer community has helped add nearly 1.9 million and more Wayspots across the globe.
However, PokéStop and Portal nomination levels remains to be unchanged.

New Badges

New Badges for Pokémon Go will be also introduced. All the Agreements earned while the Wayfinder profile rating is in green or yellow will contribute towards your badge progress. Also, all the credit values are temporarily getting doubled Wayfarer Agreements towards the Recon medal for Ingress Wayfarer’s.
Currently, no information is provided regarding how many agreements will be required for each badge. But I have noticed one accepted Agreement contributed to 2% of my current badge in one of my new level 38 account. That makes it 100/2=50 Accepted agreements. Assuming all accepted, rejected, and duplicated agreements have the same value.
Wayfarer Profile
Niantic Wayfarer
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