PokeMiners Update fly attack pose

Fly Attack, Asset Update, Clothing and Pose: PokeMiners Update

Addition of new move Fly and few aesthetics changes to Pokémon Go unveiled by PokeMiners

DISCLAIMER: All the below updates are unoffical and may or may not be release with the final Pokémon Go update. These information are provided by PokeMiners. Pokeminers update time to time by data mining.

PokeMiners Update: Fly Attack

PokeMiners have release new updates on Twitter about the new move Fly and its power details. It seems Niantic is updating the movesets by adding new moves. Recent one being Fly that requires requires 45 Energy and has 80 Power in PvP. Same move will have 80 Power, requires 50 Energy and will have 1.8s duration to charge.
PokeMiners have also listed the potenial Pokémon that are going to have this move.

PokeMiners Update: Flying Pikachu and new Souvenirs

The Flying Pikachu and two new souvenirs are added to the Game that are going to be part of Pokémon Go Fest scheduled to happen in July 2020.
A new pose called Blue Pose is added with a new set called Green Set.

PokeMiners Update: Other Updates

Minor icons changes also detected during Datamine.
PokeMiners claimed that the update 0.179.2 was forcefully pushed to devices. This update has changed the Friends section to show Online status. But inviting Friends to raids has been delayed.
Pokemon GO Friends Online Status
Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.
PokeMiners Update fly attack pose
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