Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Go Fest 2020 Skill Challenges Week 3

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 mined Image

Recently an image has surfaced claiming to be a mined image of Pokemon Go Fest 2020 by PokeMiners. Or was it intentionally pushed by Niantic to drop hints about the Pokemon Go Fest 2020? This image has caused quite a stir in the Pokemon go community. Either way, I have my theories spinning around this image.

Let's analyze the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 mined Graphics. Shall we?

So obviously the first thing we see is Pika Pika Pikachu which plays a huge part in a lot of events. I wonder what kind of hat will Pikachu be having. Same goes for Eevee which we see right next to Pikachu. So we can assume they are gonna spawn in different alterations like with hats or different variants of shiny.
Then we see a Chincou in a water body, so maybe we will get more spawns of Chincou along with its shiny counterpart, or we could see more water-type Pokemon spawns.
There is an Unown there up in the tree area and it sort of resembles a “G”. So I’m wondering if that “G” Unown stands for “Go Fest 2020” in the Pokemon Go. And we can also expect that Unowns may spawn more too, specially “G” Unowns. High atop the trees, it seems to me there’s a Team Rocket hot air balloon With a red “R” on it but I could be wrong.
The most exciting Pokemon in this image to me is the Gible just chilling there. So does this mean we can get our hands on shiny Gible with an increased rate of spawning? Gible is super rare so fingers crossed if we get more Gible spawning.
Coming to the middle of the image. We see Zangoose and Seviper. So if you don’t have shiny Zangoose or Seviper, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 might unlock the potential of getting one. Keep in mind Zangoose and Seviper are regional Pokemon. So these Pokemon spawning worldwide will be a huge bonus point.
We also see some houses and it seems like the Pokemon are spawning in the backyard of the house. It could be emphasizing that Pokemon Go Fest will be a virtual event and players will be enjoying the fest at the comfort of their own houses.
Then there’s Exeggutor and Charizard so I am hoping for increased spawn rate and more potential to find shiny.
Let’s not forget the Snorlax sleeping there. Snorlax hasn’t made its shiny appearance yet. So it’s could be that Snorlax makes it’s first shiny debut.

So we can expect Pokemon Go Fest to be pretty promising and interesting.

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Go Fest 2020 Skill Challenges Week 3
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