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Valorant – A CS:GO Killer ???

Riot Games, the developer behind Leagues of Legends had announced an FPS game called Project A in October 2019 which is now called Valorant. The game takes the core gameplay of CS like economy, same weapon, the same round system style with added new characters (Agents) who have different abilities and with different map’s which changes whole gameplay. Also, Riot Games have their anti-cheat system called Riot Vanguard enabled that seems to be working fine.
It’s a multiplayer tactical FPS where abilities of the character create engaging gameplay, which is fun to play even for those who are not from hardcore FPS games. At first look, those abilities make it look like some weird gameplay but eventually once you try and adapt how to use them, counter them, and once you understand the meta everything starts to get interesting.

Valorant Gameplay

Valorant matches begin with each player picking their preferred agent. At present, the only gameplay mode is an “attack/defence” option where one team is trying to plant a bomb and the defenders are trying to stop them. Matches can also be won by eliminating the enemy team. Additional modes will likely to be incorporated in future.

The game features multiple maps, and each map features some key differences. For instance, some feature more bomb sites than others. Another area might include one-way teleporters for quick movement from one side of the map to another. Each map is unique in there own way which will need a different strategy to execute.
One of the biggest elements of Valorant‘s gameplay is the buy phase that occurs before each round. Much like CS, this is where you’ll buy your weapons before each match. Purchasable weapons in Valorant seem to be largely based on military models, so they should be familiar to fans of FPS games. Maintaining economy is a key factor in winning the game.
In an interesting twist, players must also purchase their agent’s abilities before each round much like utility items in CS. That means that some players may not be able to utilize their abilities each round. Players will have to rely heavily on their shooting skills regardless of the character they picked.

Valorant Weapons

Valorant Weapons


Classic: The pistol you always get for free at the beginning of each round, it’s serviceable with two firing modes: Left-click for single bullet (more accurate at a distance) or Right-click for a three bullet burst (better in close quarters).
Shorty: A sawed-off shotgun that is solid in close quarters, just beware it only has two shots before having to reload.
Frenzy: The equivalent of CS:GO’s CZ75-Auto. Has a strong recoil but good in close and short-range with burst fire, decent at longer ranges if you’re tapping for one or two bullets. Try it out if you like SMGs.
Ghost: The only sidearm with a silencer. Precision is key with this gun as you’ll need to get a headshot, but luckily it doesn’t have much recoil.
Sheriff: The most expensive but most powerful of the sidearms. The equivalent of the Desert Eagle from CS:GO.


Stinger: Has an incredibly high rate of fire but only good at close range from hip due to the amount of recoil/spray it has.
Spectre: Very solid within short to mid-range. It’s serviceable at longer ranges but not ideal.


Bucky: Shotgun with two firing modes, Left-click is a regular shotgun blast but mouse-two is similar to Roadhog’s Right-click from Overwatch.
Judge: An automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire. Good for duelling at close range.


Bulldog: The cheapest rifle option that is automatic when fired from hip but burst when looking down sights. Very similar to the FAMAS from CS:GO.
Guardian: An improvement over the Bulldog at longer ranges but less consistent at close range because it’s purely a semi-automatic.
Phantom: One of the standards buys if you have money (between Phantom, Vandal, and the Operator). Very similar to the M4A4 of CS:GO.
Vandal: The same-price competitor with the Phantom that has slightly less firing rate but more damage output. A close equivalent to the AK-47 of CS:GO.
NOTE: If you prefer to have a faster fire rate, take the Phantom over Vandal.


Marshal : The value version of the sniper, headshots kill. Very similar CS:GO’s Scout.
Operator: Valorant’s AWP, the OP is worth its price if you have solid aim as it will automatically kill with head or body shots.


Ares: Can deal a ton of damage at the closer range but can be unwieldy the longer you fire, good for wall bangs.
Odin: A premium version of Ares with more control but can still have similar faults if used improperly. Can single-handedly stop multi-enemy pushes on defence.

Valorant Agents

There are a total of 11 agents present in the game. In the beginning, you have only 6 Agents unlocked and other 5 can be unlocked by taking their contracts. In a total of 375,000 XP is required to unlock a single agent by reaching tier 5 but there are daily missions & weekly mission which help to boost your progress.
NOTE: For beginners, Raze and Jett are my recommendations which are easy to use and fun to play.

Valorant Rank System

Valorant Rank System
Rank has just been announced and yet to come in game officially.
Once finished 20 Unrated matches option of Competitive matchmaking will be unlocked ( Rank matches ).
There are a total of 8 ranks, each divided into 3 tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and highest rank — VALORANT. When you queue a Competitive match in Valorant, you’ll be paired with opposing player parties that are within two ranks of your current rank. If you’re Silver rank, for example, this means that you could face opponents from the Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum ranks.
The matchmaking system also takes into account the number of player’s rank in your party, so you don’t find yourself in unfair matchmaking.


Lastly, will this game kill CS GO, well both games will coexist, Valorant stands out in the crowd due to its mixed elements from all popular Multiplayer FPS (Team Fortress 2, COD, Overwatch, CS). The game looks more appealing and casual friendly than CS GO is, and this might even make people join the FPS genre and eventually end up trying CS GO. Also, CS GO never had any sort of competition now it does, and this might give Valve an actual reason to step up. As a result, this might end up benefitting CS GO players.
If you are interested, Valorant is Free to play game you can download from the official website
Valorant Agents Cover
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