Willow Report Strange Scraps

Willow Report Strange Scraps 2020

Niantic earlier declared that we would not be getting any monthly Team GO Rocket updates again until September 2020, Niantic gave us a sneak peek of the return of the villains of Pokémon Go with a new Willow Report on 30th june 2020.
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Details of the Professor Willow Report Strange Scraps

According To Professor Willow that the team leaders have found some questionable scraps of paper while training with their buddies for the Pokémon GO Fest weekly challenges. These scraps seem to be linked to Team GO Rocket, and he needs your help to solve what they can indicate.

Willow Report Strange Scraps-1

The First Scrape depicts Team Rocket preparing their infamous Team Rocket hot air Balloon for something. As professor Willow would say it, I am sure they are up to no good. Hence, Trainers are asked to help to find out the mischievous deeds of Team Rocket and stop them.

Willow Report Strange Scraps-2

We all know how much Team Rocket wants to capture our precious Pokemon go mascot Pikachu. And alarmingly, the second scrape of paper illustrates Team Rocket throwing a net over Pikachu from their hot air balloon. Well that can’t be good. We Trainers gotta save Pikachu no matter what.
Remember that mined Pokemon Go Fest image? It had a Team rocket balloon too looming above the tree tops. Maybe it’s linked to that?? In-case you guys missed it, you can go check our previous post.

Willow Report Moonlit scraps

Blanche went to research on sun- and moon-related Pokemon that were appearing during the solstice. When Blanche returned after finishing his research on Clefairy, Blanche carefully placed scraps of paper on Professor’s Willows desk.
“Something’s up,” Blanche complained. Pointing at the “R” logo on the paper, whatever it is, it isn’t good. Blanche also pointed out the dark object that Trainers noticed in the background of a recent Clefairy image, guessing that these might somehow be linked. The Team Mystic leader also mentioned that in the area where this image was taken, they saw some Team GO Rocket Grunts who were acting more suspicious than usual.
Could that dark object be Team Rocket Hot Air Balloon? What devious are team rocket up to? What challenges await our trainers? So many questions looming in our minds…
For more information, you can check out the official website. So guys what do you think, this might be? Another Special Research? Ability to choose Team Rocket as your Home Team? Invasion of Team Rocket with more new shadow Pokemon. Do let us know in the comment section below what do you guys think gonna happen?
Willow Report Strange Scraps
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