Salad Recipes

5 Easy Healthy Salad Recipes

A salad is usually a fusion of healthy fruits or veggies tossed together with spices and herbs, seasoned with various types of oil, and contains many types of ready-to-eat food. There are a wide variety of salad recipes. But today we talk about the 5 easy healthy salad recipes.
Eating salads regularly is one of the most healthy eating habits we can choose. And consuming salads is the simplest way to serve your daily dose of greens.

5 reasons to eat salads

  1. Salads are rich in fiber.
  2. Consume Salads for the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables.
  3. Intake Salads to Get Smart Fats.
  4. Eat Salads to Cut Calories and Increase Satisfaction.
  5. It’s delicious.
Here are 5 Common and easy salad recipes that you can try out at home this quarantine and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

5 Easy Healthy Salad Recipes

1. Fresh Vegetable Salad

This is one of the most simple and common types of salads, which we usually make and consume. For this, you would require fresh veggies like cucumber, red onions, fresh coriander, red tomatoes, leafy greens of your choice. Dice the tomatoes cucumber slice the onions and the leafy greens. Then take a bowl and mix them well. Add chopped coriander, and season it with salt, pepper, lime juice, or vinegar.
Fresh Vegetable Salad

2. Chicken Salad

This Salad has the right amount of protein from the chicken mixed with vitamins provided by the vegetables very good for health and, it is quite filling. For this, you would need chicken breasts. And for vegetables you can pick lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes, olives (optional).
Marinate your chicken with salt & pepper and grill your chicken on the pan in butter or olive oil on medium-high flame so that the chicken is cooked through. Set aside the chicken to cool.
Meanwhile, for the dressing, take a bowl add mayonnaise, curd, mustard powder, chopped coriander, salt & pepper. Mix well, then add your vegetables followed by the chicken (diced or sliced) & in the end season with olive oil (optional).
Chicken Salads
Chicken Salad is my favorite go-to food. I can eat it every day for every meal without getting bored of it.

3. Russian Salad

Russian Salad, which is popular in other post-Soviet countries, many European countries, Iran, Israel, Mongolia, and also throughout Latin America. For this you would require Carrot, French Beans, Green Peas, Potatoes & Fresh or Canned Pineapple. Dice all your vegetables into medium-small chunks boil the vegetables. In a bowl, add your boiled veggies followed by the pineapple add salt & black pepper followed by mayo mix well & serve.
Russian Salad

4. Thai Raw Papaya Salad

This salad, is a cuisine of Thailand and it is also famous Southeast Asia. Raw papaya is the key ingredient in this dish. For this, you need to julienne slice your papaya into thin strips, diced red tomatoes, cut long beans. For the dressing, you would need vinegar, soya sauce, chopped green chilies, brown sugar or regular sugar, salt & pepper. In a bowl, add the veggies with the raw papaya add the dressing mix well garnish with some coriander.
Thai Raw Papaya Salad 2

5. Fruit Salad

This falls under the category of sweet salads & can be enjoyed as a dessert after lunch. For this, you can use fruits of your choice, for example, Ripe Papaya, pomegranate, mangoes, apples, pear, pineapple, etc. Dice your fruits into small-medium pieces take a bowl add yogurt or fresh cream mix it with sugar or honey followed by the diced fruits mix well keep it in the fridge & enjoy chilled.
fruit salad
Fruit Salad is my other favorite salad because I am always craving for something sweet. This salad is a healthier option than eating tonnes of chocolate for me.

For more awesome homemade recipes, you can check out Abhishek Pasker’s food blog on Instagram.

Let us know in the comments what are other simple salad recipes we can give a try. And which salad recipes are your favorites? I have barely made a scratch when it comes to preparing salads. But it’s a step closer to a healthy diet for me.

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Salad Recipes
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