Best Kitchen Knife in india for daily use

Best Kitchen Knife in India [Sept 2020]

Today we will be covering the best Kitchen knife in India that you can buy and use easily in your home kitchen. These knives are really sturdy, easy to use, and lasts longs apart from being bestsellers for the last couple of years. I have used a few of them and they turn out to be very good.
And if you are in dire need of buying a Knife to replace your old blunt torn off handle Knife then this list will easily help you to shortlist and select one for you.
NOTE: This list is not representing best Knife order but rather a list from best Budget Knife to best premium Knife
Best Kitchen Knife in India [Sept 2020]

1. Flair Chef Knife 8"

Flair Chef Knife
Flair is a very old renowned brand in the Indian Market. It is very famous for making reliable and economically friendly Kitchenwares. They have a wide range of fork, Knives, spoons, and more. This Flair Chef Knife is very budget-friendly and easy to use Knife. It is 8 inches long and comes in multicolor.
Glare Kitchen Knife Set
And if you want to pair up with other budget friendly Knife other than Flair Knives you can get this set from Glare. Each of them is very good. My personal favorite being their Tomato Knife from this set.

2. Godrej Cartini Chef Knife

Godrej Cartini Chef Knife
This Chef Knife from Godrej Cartini is wonderful Chef Knife at a reasonable price. You cannot go wrong with this one as your choice. Cartini is an expert in Knives in Indian Market. and it is a one step up in the Kitchen Game.
If you want to buy in a set then you can go for either of the two set based on your cooking style and needs.
Cartini Godrej Soft Grip Kitchen Knives kit,3 Pc Set Set, Stainless Steel
Cartini Godrej Soft Grip Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Kit, 4 Pcs Set

3. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chef's Knife

Amazon Brand Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chefs Knife
Novice and experienced chefs alike will appreciate this convenient Solimo Chef’s Knife. The professional-quality knife features durable stainless-steel blade that resists staining and comfortable-grip handle for safe, efficient use. I am yet to use this knife personally but based on my friends feedback it is quite a popular choice nowadays.
If you want to buy in a set then you can go for below set. This set has 14-piece knife set that includes: 1 Pine wood block, 1 pair of scissors, 11 knife( 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch bread knife, 5.5-inch utility knife, and 3.5-inch peeling knife). Also includes (6) 4.5-inch steak knives, kitchen shears, sharpener, and wood block
AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Knife Set with High Carbon Blades and Pine Wood Block 14 Pieces

4. Victorinox, Swiss Made, Chef's Knife

Victorinox Swiss Made Chefs Knife
If you are looking something better than above the budget friendly Knives, then check out this Swiss Made Knife. It will make sure you are getting your job done efficiently. It is really sturdy Knife. Personally I don’t like the feel of the handle, so I don’t recommend this one. But if you are fan of Swiss made Knives and want to spend more on your Knife then this is what you can get your hands on.

5. Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife
This is from the premium segment Knives that very few of us can afford for daily home use if you are not a Chef or serious in cooking. And if you are looking for Knives from this segment then you must be very serious about your cooking game.
Wustof is a German Brand that specializes in Knife making and founded in 1814. It is world renowned for its fine Knife making craftsman ship. This is a really sharp Knife than all the other Knives from this list and yet gives a pure satisfaction while doing its job.

6. Kai Shun Classic Chef Kitchen Knife

Kai Shun Classic Chef Kitchen Knife
If you are looking for premium segment Knife then you are either Chef by Profession or Cooking Enthusiast who would want to explore every technique and hardware. And just like that any Chef’s or Cooking enthusiast Knife collection remains incomplete if they don’t have any Japanese Knife.
Japanese Knives are usually much lighter and sharper than any of the Swiss and German counterparts. These Knives also needs more maintenance than any other Knives. But the quality you will get is unmatched for.
This is a Shun Classic Chef Knife from Kai. Based on VG-10 steel with further optimizations to its properties. Enriched with a higher chromium and vanadium content than VG-10, it demonstrates an improved edge retention and resistance to corrosion. A higher carbon content also makes it harder than other steel grades.
It uses Stainless Damascus cladding 32 micro-layers of steel each side support the core, add stain/corrosion resistance, and help food release from the blade easily. One cannot go wrong with this premium segment Knife. Definitely worth every penny. (my personal favorite from the list)


If you are a Home Chef’s then any of the top 3 mentioned Knife will do your job that may include 20-40 min of food prep. And all these Knives are being sold in India for a very long time and has build up a good loyal customer base. But if you are bored and want to step up and try something new and better then you can go with any of the later 3 mentioned Knives.
Last two Chef Knives can be considered as super premium by few people which is quite over kill for daily Home Chef’s. But if you are a professional or enthusiast then you cannot go wrong with any of them. Remember, all these blades are quite good quality and they all will lose their sharpness over time depending of their usage hours, chopping techniques being used and the cooking material.
No matter which blade you go for they always require maintenance at a certain interval of time like a week or daily else you will always end up with a blunt Knife and complain how useless your Knife is. And there is no best Knife for everyone. It will always vary based on the cooking style and ingredients. So, always try to hold the knife and feel if it is right knife for you or not.
Best Kitchen Knife in india for daily use
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