Spiciest Chicken in Kolkata Ghost Pepper Edition

Spiciest Chicken in Kolkata? Ghost Pepper Edition!!

Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy trying out new cafes and street food joint for your spice craving? Do you live in Kolkata or have visited Kolkata many times and wanted to try something spicy? Real Spicy? Today I will be sharing the most spiciest chicken in Kolkata. Kolkata, the city of Joy is famous for many things. Sweets is one of them and if you have visited Kolkata or visiting soon then you should definitely try the famous sweets shops and different sweets. But that’s a discussion of another post.

Spiciest Chicken in Kolkata - My Big Fat Belly

At the Sarat Bose Road, there is a small American Style Cafe called My Big Fat Belly. It has a really nice and cozy feeling and one of the best cafes in Kolkata to hang out with your close friends. Their menu consists mostly of Italian and Continental. And within their menu lies one of the fiercest and Spiciest Chicken items, BFB Special Chicken Wings with special ingredient Ghost Pepper aka Bhut Jolokia.
It used to be the world hottest chili pepper until Infinity chili took over the crown in 2011 and Carolina Reaper in 2013. Even then it is quite spicy standing at 1,041,427 SHU Scoville scale.
Even then, the true spicy food lovers will not hesitate to try this out. It is served as 8 pieces and 6 pieces at different Heat levels Regular, Medium, and Phaadhu (meaning Kick-Ass). These Special Chicken Wings will make any soft-hearted person to faint by just having one of them. Trust me I love spicy food, I have grown up eating spicy food from the spiciest Indian provinces recipes (Kerala, Rajasthan, Andhra, etc). And if I am trying to say it is really spicy then it really is.
You are good if you are able to finish 6 pieces serving at Regular heat level. And I will commend you if you are able to eat all 8 pieces serving at Phaadhu Heat level without any single drop of water, especially if you are a Bengali. Not only that they even have a challenge for their BFB Special Chicken Wings. If you are able to finish their 8 piece serving with any water in 6 min or so, you will win 1,000 INR worth of BFB voucher with a t-shirt and a picture in their Hall of Fame Board. Not sure if they still have this challenge in this ongoing pandemic.
And beware if you want to try out this stunt, be prepared with lots of Mountain Dew, Honey and other excessive sweets stuffs that you love eating. As once you start gobbling them up, real burn starts after 1-2 min. And once you are done eating if you are lucky you won’t be able to feel your tongue and if you are unlucky. OMG!! It burns like hell no matter how much water you drink it won’t go away. Even with Mountain Dew and all, it will just make you calm till you are holding the sweet water in your mouth. The moment you gulp the water down it will start burning again. And it will take quite some time to cool down.

I was fortunate enough to find this gem cafe while searching for my spice craving and in my all visits and Home Delivery, I have tried their special Chicken wings 4 times. Even though I love eating Spicy food when I tried to do this stunt (unofficially), my best was 7 and half pieces in 7 minutes without a single drop of water. And once you start eating you will not want to stop eating.

Here’s an old reaction clip of my wife tries these Chicken wings when we went for the first time. She hesitates at first but as she went to trial, the chicken slips, and I ask her to try the masala at least. After a few seconds, it hits her and she feels hot air rushing out of her ears. LMAO. She realizes that it is not an ordinary chicken even though it was tasty.
NOTE: Those who are not used to eating spicy food, you may not be able to feel the taste of the chicken. It will just taste bland for some of you.
If you love excessive spicy food then after reading this I can bet you are mouth watering just like me and can’t wait to try them out.
BFB Burger
Source: Zomato
They also have another challenge that includes their Burger as far as I remember. Oh, and if you are asking for suggestions, then their Burgers are really good. I find the best in Kolkata with all the juices, lamb, and chicken stuffed better than Chilli’s and Burger King. My personal favorite is Grilled Chicken Burger. Their Lasagne is wonderful as well.
So if you are around Sarat Bose road and want to hang out with your friends don’t forget to give them a visit and try out their Burgers at least, if not the Spiciest Chicken in Kolkata. 😛
Spiciest Chicken in Kolkata Ghost Pepper Edition
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