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Best Free SEO Plugin in 2020: Rank Math Review

Rank Math is marvelous, and you wouldn't believe how many premium features being provided for free unless you try. Bundling simple yet powerful UI. Rank Math is the most reliable SEO package.

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In today’s competitive market, SEO marketing is very much needed. And if your website is not optimized for Search Engines, then you are losing a massive chunk of potential traffic. However, if you are looking for the best free SEO for your website, then don’t look any further than Rank Math itself. Rank Math is like a Swiss Army Knife. I will explain a bit later on this. If you are already using any other SEO plugin and you want to move to Math Rank, it’s super easy to migrate from other SEO plugins. There are many FREE features in this plugin that are paid premium features in other plugins.
Rank Math Modules
Once you try this plugin or even compare it to its competitors, you will know that there is no need to go back. Rank Math primarily focuses on On-page SEO. It combines all the basic and advanced SEO features into one. Rank Math arranges all its features into several modules which you can access through its dashboard. Additionally, it even integrates with your Google Console to fetch data without leaving your dashboard. Isn’t this cool? So if you are interested to know more about Rank Math, this post offers a detailed Rank Math review and explains why it is the Best Free SEO plugin.
Rank Math Modules 2

Why Rank Math is Best Free SEO?

Rank Math is fairly new in the market when compared to its competitiors like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, SEOPress and many others. But why you should even try this. Lets see it’s features…
  1. It is a very lightweight plugin, only 2.6 MB (current version which means, fewer PHP requests and more speed.
  2. It has a neat import tool to transfer all your information, including post meta and settings from Yoast into Rank Math.
  3. It provides a clean, and simple User Interface that will make sure you are not getting lost and encourage you to tweak settings to your likings.
  4. You can preview how your post will appear in the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look when shared on social media. You can modify meta descriptions for different social media.
  5. They offer one of the fastest turn-around times for support queries and resolve issues faster & effectively.
  6. You can enter up to 5 targeted keywords. In Yoast for the same feature, you have to pay around $100 to get premium.
  7. While entering keywords, it offers you to choose from the long-tail keywords that are trending.
  8. It will check and suggest if you are using Focus Keyword in the SEO Title, inside SEO Meta Description, in the URL and whether Focus keyword appearing in the first 10% of the content.
  9. Rank Math SEO plugin keeps a check on the length of the blog post, URL length, Meta description length, etc., and makes sure it meets the Search Engine Ranking standards.
  10. It checks the keyword density for the focused keyword.
  11. It also checks the content readability.
  12. It suggests introducing a table of content in your blog post that is also recommended by Google.
  13. Suggests if internal and external linking is missing in the blog post
  14. Rank Math analyzes your website and your website content using 70+ different tests to provide tailor-made SEO Analysis to you.
  15. It has an in-built Role Manager that allows you to use WordPress roles to control which of your site users can have edit or view access to Rank Math settings. So if you are using any Role Manager plugin, you can tell them Bye-bye.
  16. Connect Rank Math with Google Search Console to see the most- important information from Google directly in your WordPress dashboard.
  17. Features 404 Monitor as well for broken URL, so that you can manage and create new rules for redirection to the right page or post.
  18. Gives you freedom from the hassle of generating Sitemap
  19. And you are getting all these features and more in Rank Math for just $0.00. Isn’t it Amazing?
And for this reason, Rank Math is known as the Swiss Army Knife. Well after, mentioning all these features and if you are still not convinced as to why Rank Math is Best Free SEO, then check out next section where I will discuss Rank Math Setup and Dashboard settings.

Moving to Rank Math?

If you have made your mind and choose Rank Math as your Website’s next SEO plugin then Congratulations! You have made a wise decision where you will end up with Better and easier SEO optimization with additional benefits and not to miss that you will be saving upto $100 per year.
Now, after you have installed and activated Math Rank, you will be redirected to Math Rank Getting Started Wizard. And if any chance you are not redirected, you can always start it manually by going to WordPress Dashboard Sidebar and clicking on Math Rank. You will see four tabs Modules, Help, Setup Wizard, and Import & Export. Select Setup Wizard and, you will be redirected to the below screen.

WordPress Dashboard –> Rank Math –> Setup Wizard

Rank Math Getting Started Wizard
You will get two options Easy and Advanced and third one as Coming Soon. But before clicking Start Wizard, you will notice there are some analysis results just below Custom Mode. These are just pre-setup checking by Math Rank to make sure your website is up to date and, no conflicting issues are present. If present you, will see a cross and, it will tell you how to resolve the issues. In my case it showed me an Error in PHP Version which was quite old. After updating the PHP version it got fixed.
Rank Math Setup Wizard Analysis
Once everything seems right, click on Start Wizard by choosing Advanced. It will ask you Website details that will be pre-filled, if you have imported from Yoast else fill up and go on to the next screen by clicking Save and Continue.
Rank Math Setup Wizard Your Site
The next screen will let you integrate your Rank Math plugin with Google Search Console. Select your Search Console Profile from the drop-down list and select Authorize Account. If it is not showing in the drop-down, there is a link provided below to get your website verified from Google search console. In my case, I had to verify it again, and after that my website name populated in the Profile drop-down list.
Rank Math Setup Wizard Google Search Console
This screen will let you configure you Website’s Sitemap. Configure them as you wish as per your website need. Once configured press Save and Continue.
Rank Math Setup Wizard SiteMap
Next you will get to tweak some SEO settings. You can get idea from our website settings. Once done click Save and Continue to proceed.
Rank Math Setup Wizard Optimization
Once completed through the above steps you will reach the final screen where Rank Math will tell you that setup wizard is completed. And if you want you can click on Optimize your Posts image to be redirected to the Offical Rank Math documentation page for optimizing tips. Or you can click on Advance Options to continue setting up in Rank Math Advance Settings (discussed in next).
Rank Math Setup Wizard Ready

Rank Math Advance Setup

If you have selected the Setup Advance Options then you will come across below setup screens. First one will be the Role Manager. This is where you can set Role and their permissions.
Rank Math Advance Role Manager
Next is 404 Monitor configuration. Once you are done with this step got to next screen by clicking Save and Continue
Rank Math Advance 404 Monitor
The final screen in Advance Setup is Schema Markup. Once you have made changes click Save and Contiue to finish.
Rank Math Setup Advance Schema Markup

Rank Math Settings

Rank Math Settings
If you look at the Sidebar, you will see lots of Rank Math options. First, select General Settings. Here, you will see a side tab with a few more options and right side option detail pane. Go through each setting, and while doing so, take your time. No need to hurry, and if at any moment, you are unable to understand, you can always refer to the Rank Math Knowledge Base.
In the General Settings you will be able to configure settings related to link, Breadcrumbs, Images, Webmaster Tools (such as Google search console, Baidu, Bing, Alexa and more), edit .htaccess and ROBOTS.TXT file directly, 404 Monitor, Search Console and Redirections.
Rank Math General Settings
After General Settings you will Titles & Meta Settings. Here, you will get settings related to Global Meta, Local SEO, Social Meta, Homepage, Post Formats, Authors, Miscellaneous pages, Post Types and Post. Most of them settings are self explanatory and you will be able to configure them without any external help.
Rank Math Titles and Meta
Next is Sitemap settings where you will get all the settings related to your website sitemap.
Rank Math Sitemap Setting
I am skipping Role Manager as I have already explained it with an image. Next is 404 Monitor, this is very useful to monitor all the hits that are getting 404 not found error. You can monitor them as well as define rules to redirect them.
Rank Math 404 Monitor
In Redirection you will able to see and manage all the redirection rules that are already present or you might have created from 404 Monitor.
Rank Math Redirections
Next is Google Search Console, you will get access to live search console data without leaving the dashboard. Other tools that track this data cost upwards of $99/month. With Rank Math, you can see all this data directly inside your WordPress website. Data will be represented in different Graph formats. You will also be able to filter data using the date filters.
Here is a list of all the valuable data that you’ll find in the Overview Section.
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Impressions
  • Average CTR (Click through rate)
  • Average Position
  • Total Keywords
  • Total Pages
Rank Math Search Console
The Search Analytics tab is where you’ll find all the juicy details about your website’s ranking.Specifically, you’ll find all the keywords that your website is ranking for, the number of clicks it’s getting for each of those keywords, the click-through-rate, and the position of your website for those keywords in the SERPs.
Next on the list is SEO Analysis. This is where you can perform a quick website audit for any optimization and problems. Rank Math generates a SEO Score  for the same with passed and failed tests details. And afterwards you can proceed to fix each failed test to further optimize.
SEO Analysis

Final Thoughts (with Bonus Feature)

Whether you are a newbie or an SEO expert, Rank Math is something you must give a try. With the long list of premium paid features it has and the fact it is free without any hidden conditions makes it the Best Free SEO plugin for WordPress. For the same set of features other tools and plugins will charge you around $100/year. Why would you pay, when you are getting the same features with extra functionality for free. And by the look of the UI and coming soon features there’s going to be Paid version which will pack more features. And time for the bonus feature which Yoast SEO currently fails to provide.
Rank Math compatible Elementor
Did you know Math Rank is fully compatible with Elementor and Elementor Pro. Yes!! It is. Nowadays, every Admin and authors use Elementor as their primary page builder. And if you have Yoast SEO and Elementor, you must know how difficult it is to work with both of them in a single window. But with Math Rank, you don’t have to worry about it. It was the primary reason why I looked up to Math Rank in the first place, and after exploring all the features, I immediately switched. I hope this Math Rank Review helps you in choosing your next SEO.

Let us know what you love and hate the most about Math Rank in the comments below.

Rank Math Best Free SEO
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