Jio Fiber New Plans 2020

Jio Fiber New Plans 2020

With the launch of Jio Fiber new plans 2020 at a lucrative pricing. The Indian telecom giant Jio is doing what they do best, providing services at such a competitive price that it compels the whole industry to follow that trajectory, and inevitably we consumers are the beneficiary of that trend.
Reliance Jio commercially launched its fiber broadband in September 2019. But the plans were relatively expensive back then, and their services weren’t available in most parts of India except major cities. Now that they laid out their network covering most parts of the country, Jio is upping the ante and shaking the market again. Heads of both consumers and competitors have their eyes on Jio fiber new plans.
We will be explaining Jio’s latest offerings to you so that you have a clear insight if you are considering switching to Jio fiber or want to get a new broadband connection.

Jio Fiber New Plans Overview

Welcome Offer

To lure consumers in, Jio is offering a non-conditional 30 days free trial. You only need to pay the installation charge. In the trial period, you can enjoy the 150Mbps plan for free. If you aren’t satisfied with the service during the trial period, you can return your connection, and the installation fee will be refunded to you. But do keep in mind if you are to return the connection, you have to do it within 30 days to avail the refund.
Jio Fiber 30 days trial


Jio is offering two different options for their free trial offer that you can opt for depending upon your needs.
If you pay Rs 1500 for installation, you will get a fiber-optic connection with a dual-band router (2.4Ghz+5Ghz) and a landline connection with unlimited free calling to any network all over India. Although Jio will not provide any telephone set.
If you pay Rs 2500 for installation, you will get all the same along with a 4k set-top box, which comes preloaded with 10 selected OTT apps and their subscription for 30 days. You can only stream the content of those selected apps, through the given set-top box.
Jio set top box and router


Jio has revamped its plans and offering them at a much lower cost that can even compete with local ISP’s plan.
Jio Fiber Plans
Jio is marketing all of their plans from cheapest to costliest as truly unlimited. Although the plans are restricted to a certain limit, the minimum of which is 3300 Gb per month. Post the FUP limit of your plan the speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps. That’s not technically unlimited but will be adequate for normal to heavy non-commercial usage for 30 days.
We are giving you a complete chart with every plan’s actual costs, data limits, and other benefits.
Plan breakdown

* Gold plan’s subscription of 11 OTT apps include JioCinema, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, SunNXT, Voot, AltBalaji, HoiChoi, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooME, Amazon Prime.

* Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum, Titanium these plans come with a subscription of 12 OTT apps that include JioCinema, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, SunNXT, Voot, AltBalaji, HoiChoi, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooME, Amazon Prime, Netflix.

Facts you should be aware about Jio Fiber New Plans

  • If you are to surrender the connection and avail the refund you have to do it prior to the 30th day of the trail.
  • During 30 days of trial, Jio is providing the 150 Mbps plan.
  • The subscription of OTT apps (except Voot) can also be accessed through other devices other than Jio set-top box.
  • If you subscribed to any OTT separately that subscription can be accessed via Jio set-top box with every plan.
  • To watch live Tv with JioTv+ you have to opt for the Gold plan or above.
  • Diamond plan comes with a Basic Netflix subscription, which limits your Netflix stream to standard definition (480p).
  • Streaming any content through Jio set-top box will consume your data plan.
  • Post FUP every plan’s speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps.
  • Jio is promising symmetric upload and download speed.
  • Jio is not providing any telephone set, only a free landline connection is provided.
  • Landline numbers can be used from a smartphone as well, by using Jio 4g voice call app.
  • Calls are truly unlimited to any network all over India.
  • If 6 month’s recharge is done in advance, 15 days of the same plan will be provided for free.
  • If 1 year’s recharge is done in advance, 1 month of the same plan will be provided for free.
  • If someone has taken Jio fiber connection between 15th to 31st August 2020 they can also avail the free trial even though the new plans were made available from September.
  • Existing customers who have already recharged as per the old plans, their plans will be upgraded.
If you are planning to take a new fiber connection or want to switch to Jio fiber, hope you find our article informative. For more articles like this do follow us on our social media handles where we share our latest content to keep you updated. And if you want more information on Jio Fiber New Plans you can visit the official website.
Jio Fiber New Plans 2020
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