Oneplus tv 2020 launch

OnePlus TV 2020 launching in India

UPDATE: July 3, 2020
Oneplus has finally unveiled the Prices of it’s new Televisions.
  • 32Y1 – INR 12,999
  • 43Y1 – INR 22,999
  • 55U1 – INR 49,999
UPDATE: July 2, 2020
OnePlus TV 2020 models will be launching today. The OnePlus TV 2020 launch will be live-streamed through the company’s official social media channels, from 7:00 PM onwards.

So far What has been revealed about the OnePlus TV 2020 Launch:


OnePlus has teased the pricing for its upcoming TV line up and also unveiled there will be three TV models. Through a tweet, OnePlus shared that the starting price for the upcoming TV models will be INR 1X,999, INR 2X,999 and INR 4X,999 for 32″, 43″ and 55″ models respectively.


The new TV range is expected to have a “burdenless design” that will have thin bezels and a build that would be slimmer than the OnePlus 8 series. Further, you can expect a 93 percent DCI-P3 color gamut.

Specifications, Features Expectations:

The OnePlus TV 2020 line up, is expected to have 32-inch HD, 43-inch full-HD, and 55-inch 4K models. The TVs, are also presumed to include speakers with 90-degree rotation support and 50 percent deeper bass. OnePlus is presumed to offer Dolby VIsion Atmos with the new TVs. The Smart TVs are expected to run on Android with support from popular OTT platforms. The teasers at least confirm the support for Netflix.
The TVs come with a carbon fibre pattern at the back to give a premium feel.
OnePlus TV 2020 launch seems pretty promising, with its different range of models. And tons of exciting features the product offers. From premium designs to innovative Gamma Engine, engineered to deliver better picture quality at a more affordable price. Let us hope for the best.
You can watch the launch live from the below link. And let us know in the comments how was the experience and would you buy this product.
OnePlus has put up a dedicated page for the new series of products on, and there’s a lot of information regarding the OnePlus TV 2020 line up.
Oneplus tv 2020 launch
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