PlayStation 5 Update April 2021

PlayStation 5 Update April 2021 – 120hz support + HDMI control.

PlayStation 5 update April 2021 is here after long await with multiple addtions.

The first major update for PlayStation 5 has arrived, and as promised, it will enable anyone who has experienced the system firsthand to save their next-generation games to an external USB hard drive. In addition to the changes listed in the announcement of the blog post, there are more changes.
As stated in the full changelog on the PlayStations support website (you can also install updates from the joystick or learn how to restore failed updates), there is a long list of changes. As mentioned, although PS5 already supports 120Hz output for compatible TVs, it can also be used for 1080p screens with faster frame rates after the update. For example, some gaming monitors. Although HDR is excellent, not all games and applications support HDR. If this is the only format available, you can now configure the system to output in SDR.

How to enable 120hz Output in PS5 ?

  • Some PC monitors can display 1080p/120Hz. Now supports 12 0 Hz monitors for gaming. If you can’t watch the game at 120Hz, go to “Settings”> “Display and Video”> “Video Output” and uncheck the box next to “Enable 120Hz Output”.

How to enable HDR in PS5 ?

  • HDR when using on games or applications that do not support HDR. To change this setting, go to “Settings”> “Display & Video”> “Video Output”> “HDR”.
Another change you can take advantage of is the new HDMI switch, which allows you to individually choose between the settings to turn on the TV when you turn on the PS5 or put the console on standby when you turn off the TV.
One of my favourite changes is to stop monitoring the game, so the update will not show up in the news centre when you turn on the system for the first time. Install and play once, or they just tried it because they are on PlayStation Plus (I’m talking about Destruction AllStars), but you don’t have to see what happens to them every day.
Now you can go to “Settings”> “Saved Data and Game/App Settings”> “Manage Continuous Games” to manage all saved games. This allows you to unsubscribe from the game without having to visit a single message or game centre.
For displays that support the HDMI device connection function, you can now enable or disable the one-button function. P opens and closes communication respectively. Go to “Settings”> “System”> “HDMI” to change these settings.
Your PS5 console will also turn on the connected monitor. After enabling the shutdown connection, turning off the connected monitor will put your PS5 console into sleep mode.
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PlayStation 5 Update April 2021
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